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Physiatric consultation and diagnostic ultrasound

During just one visit, you can receive a specialized consultation with a physiatrist and a diagnostic ultrasound. The ultrasound helps to confirm the diagnosis and assess for a vast array of musculoskeletal problems, including muscle, tendon and ligament tears; tendinopathies (tendinitis); bursitis; calcification; peripheral nerve lesions; cysts; arthritis and arthrosis; and more.


During an ultrasound, gel is applied to the skin and a transducer, or probe, is used to generate an on-screen image of various musculoskeletal structures. The procedure is completely safe and does not expose the patient to radiation. Our physiatrists, subspecialized in ultrasounds, interpret the images to confirm the cause of the problem and the proper treatment.


After questioning and examining the patient, the physiatrist conducts the ultrasound. At this enhanced appointment, the physiatrist combines their clinical expertise with the ultrasound results to identify the problem and will often treat the problem during the same appointment. The results are explained to the patient right away and a detailed report is sent to the referring physician.


Also during a single visit, the specialized consultation in physiatry and diagnostic ultrasound imaging can be combined with a basic or specialized ultrasound-guided injection treatment, depending on the type of problem identified and on the discussion between the physiatrist and the patient.